The Comic

Cyn Wolf is a comic about a cynical wolf who meets some dogs with personality quirks. It does not contain any swearing, graphic violence, or bizarre mating rituals.

The comic started on accident in 2008, when for some reason C. Prince drew a comic strip with a wolf in it and kept making more and more of them even though nobody was paying attention. The art has gotten a lot better since then, and you’re reading this now, so that’s a definite improvement!

Cyn Wolf ended in 2016 to make room for a new series that has yet to be announced.

The Artist


C. Prince? A terrible trouble maker, I’ve heard. A wolf disguised as a sheep disguised as a wolf.

If you stand on the corner of the market square at 11 am, you’ll hear whispers of the moniker “Crowne Prince” and the animated nonsense they’ve been posting on the internet. You can probably find out more about the artist at But again, that’s just hearsay. What kind of person would have such a silly sounding website anyway?