Bingo: No, not tonight Raúl. tffnfgs stggrry dssn grrfm AHEM. As I was saying… Tonight’s story doesn’t come from a book. It’s a story my mum told me when she was a pup. I think you’re old enough to hear it now. For you see, long ago, long before your memory or mine, all of us were wolves.


Bingo + Adorbs + Bedtime Stories + Raul = One Heck of a Comic Arc

Let’s see where you take us Bingo. 😀
Also, yay for new comic. 😉


What if Raul was dressed up as a steak? My guess, Cyn would try to eat him.


I love these comics! I


Raul looks so adorable, can’t wait to hear the rest of Bingo’s story.


YAY!!! So excited!!! Nice to see Bingo being so sweet and Raul is super cute as always :3 Those puppy eyes!!!

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