Cyn Wolf #2


Bingo: No, not tonight Raúl. tffnfgs stggrry dssn grrfm AHEM. As I was saying… Tonight’s story doesn’t come from a book. It’s a story my mum told me when she was a pup. I think you’re old enough to hear it now. For you see, long ago, long before your memory or mine, all of us were wolves.


  Bingo: Back then, the world was nothing but badlands. There were no buildings, no cars,  and no free wifi. The food wasn’t even fresh. It came from the ground. And all the meat was wild. Those were dark times. Really dark! The only thing that was ever in the sky was the full moon.


The wolves ruled it all. Their paws controlled the plants, their tails, the earth, and their noses, the weather. Such was the might of their sorcery that their battles split the land and shaped the earth


The wolves created the sun and the stars and they worshipped the moon. But then one day, something interesting happened. “The moon is just a rock in the sky.”


Everyone was shocked by the faithless wolf. They rejected her ideas. In the end, she set out to search the realm, for surely there must be others like her who knew the truth. And there were.


The pack prospered. They invented fire, and the wheel, and a bunch of other really primitive tools like geometry and astrophysics. The other wolves wanted very little to do with these contraptions.


As often happens with these sorts of things, there was no big break between the two. Over time they just grew apart, and the former wolves made a new name for themselves. Speaker: We have evolved. We are no longer wolves. We are Lupusses! (silence) Speaker: Uh, okay. How about dogs?


You know the rest. But despite all our power, despite our most advanced technologies


The badlands are still there just beyond the fringe. And the wolves must be, too.


DANGER: WOLVES ̶W̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶n̶k̶ ̶M̶a̶y̶b̶e̶ Definitely yes, wolves.


Cyn left. No, she is not coming back. She left as suddenly as she arrived eight years ago. Do not be sad. That is how wolves are, coming and going without saying goodbye. You will probably not meet another one. If you do, you won’t know it. But at least you knew one, once. Cyn… Read more »